Is Antivirus Software Important For a Computer? If yes, Why?

Are you really aware about the importance of an antivirus software? Do you really think that having an antivirus software in your computer will prevent the entry of any adware, malware, ransomware in your system? Well this article will clear all your doubts.

Why antivirus software is important?

One of the most known reasons for system failures, is either lack of best antivirus software for windows 10 or an outdated/expired software. The Internet is no more a secure place and can have dire consequences on your computer. The importance of installing an antivirus is something which cannot be ignored and is highly essential for overall security.


A virus, what are they?

A virus is a harmful computer threat that can shut down your computer systems permanently, make it run slowly with frequent crashes or hack your device to steal personal data. System vulnerabilities, zero-day attacks, and social engineering are few ways through which hackers try to gain access to the host computer. Below included are few of the harmful effects of a virus.

  1. Cause system abnormalities like slow performance.
  2. Damage your key files.
  3. Steal personal and confidential data.
  4. Encrypt your data and demand ransom.
  5. Make disks and folders unreadable.


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Hackers are creating nastier virus every day that can infect and enter your system via spam emails and phishing sites. Downloading an best antivirus for windows 10 is essential to safeguard your pc.


How to protect against computer viruses?

A virus is vicious infections which every computer user wants to avoid. Cybercrimes are increasing at a skyrocketing rate, you can be a victim by just visiting a phishing site or by opening a spam mail.


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A comprehensive security software is a complete answer to all queries revolving around why antivirus is important? , what are the advantages of virus protection? It is designed to outsmart all online threats, scans your system for virus and runs continuous automatic updates silently for complete security.

There are several advantages of using a best antivirus software for windows 7, few are listed below.


  1. Core Protection: Actively removes malicious code detected by the complete system scan. Best Antivirus for windows 7 scans your computer, detects a virus and deletes them to ensure safety.


  1. Real-time protection– Antivirus software provides real-time protection from all existing, new and yet to be invented virus. It also allows you to set scheduled scan for your system.


  1. Detect virus attached to download: Increased online activities can result in compromised computer. Antivirus software’s scans all files for all types of malware, adware, trojan virus before they are finally downloaded and if any threat is present their download will be detained.


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  1. Safe-Banking– E-Banking has changed the banking preference of most of the users. AV programs secure all online financial transaction by blocking malicious element trying to get access to your login details and confidential data.


  1. Scans hard drive– Effectively scans your hard drive to detect and delete all malicious malware and nasty virus.


  1. Scan USB drives– Complete scanning of all the portable devices attached to your system is done to ensure that data is virus free.


Final word

Hackers are developing newer virus and destroying systems every minute. The Internet is now a risky place to surf, installing a good antivirus is important to safeguard your system from malicious malware. Choose the best and the most reliable security program for complete security against a virus.


Do not underestimate the importance of antivirus software download today, ITL Antivirus. Highly recommended and most reliable ITL antivirus, best antivirus in India comes free and keeps you protected all the time.

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